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DVDs, CD, and doujinshi for sale [18 Aug 2014|01:04am]

Hi all,

This is the last of my Generator Gawl stuff up for sale. Everything comes from a non-smoking environment.
As I'm hoping to sell this stuff sooner rather than later, I will consider best offers.
Please comment or PM me with any questions. Thanks!

DVDs $8 for the whole set
All are in very good condition. I checked the bottoms of the discs, and there is one tiny scratch apiece on disc 2 and 3.

Back cover || Disc || Booklet || Character cards || Jewel case
Soundtrack CD $20
Imported directly from Japan. Comes with character 'cards.' (The paper is the same thickness/texture as the CD booklet.) Only one little scratch on the bottom of the disc that does not affect play. There is a crack in the jewel case, so the CD will be packed in bubblewrap to protect the case from further damage during shipping.

Back cover || Sample page 01 || Sample page 02 || Sample page 03 || Sample page 04
Do the Afuro Doujinshi $20
This has some cute drawings in it, which I why I've held onto it for as long as it have. Now, it's looking for a good new home. 48 pages. Excellent used condition.
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Generator Gawl gashapon and doujinshi for sale! CHEAP! [02 Jun 2013|12:25pm]

Hi all! Wow, I don't know if anyone will see this or not, but I recently came across some Generator Gawl items buried away in my room, and I'd like to find a good home (or homes) for this stuff.

I have one gashapon figure of Gawl that comes with switchable face plates. He's about 3.25 inches tall and like new, never been displayed or out of his bag except for today when I assembled him to take a picture.
$5 or best offer.
Generator Gawl gashapon
Second view of Gawl gashapon

I also have two doujinshi for sale. The "King Cophetua" one has a crease in the cover and a stained area/worn spot on Gawl's leg, so I'm only asking $3 for it. The "Generator Gawl EX" doujinshi is in very good condition, so $5 for it (or best offer).
If you'd like more information about the doujinshi or more pictures, please feel free to let me know!
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Wake up, guys! [08 May 2010|09:52pm]

So who here's been dying to see a Generator Gawl manga scanslation?

Me, me! And if you love the series as much as I do, you've only been dying to see one since it first premiered. That's why I've gone ahead and decided to break the binding on both of my GG tankubon by scanning each and every page for your viewing pleasure. (Please note that this is a preview only, and not scanslated!)

There's only one, teensy problem: I know very little Japanese and hence cannot do very much translation on my own. That brings me to my last and final question, my fellow GG fans!

Is there anyone here fluent in Japanese who would be willing to help with a translation? If not, how about someone with connections to a scanslation group willing to take on this project?
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*poke* [14 Jul 2007|12:44am]

Hey guys. I got bored. Enjoy!

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Yo,,,,, [10 Jan 2007|08:56pm]

[ mood | mm koji.. ]

new here.....ive noticed something...theres not enough (or barely any) Koji/Ryo Koji/Ryo/Gawl goodness here ! >< lol.....must get......WEEKLY dose of said pairng...Oo...anyways...if yur looking to read a good fanfic on ANY pairing.....i have a suggestion....why not go to fanfiction.net and search for it?.....if someone hasn't done that yet.....MWAHA! ive converted another to our side..XD i only have the first DVD and she wanted to watch it...after she seen Gawl Koji and Ryo...she squee'ed and said they were HOTTT lol.....she thinks Koji sounds smexy lol....i have the english version Oo....MAN! i want the second SOOO bad!.....hmm....maybe ill post one of my OWN fanfics here ne?.....lol -ninja vanish- Oo

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Small ficlet [07 Oct 2006|12:52am]

Author: Lady Douji
Fandom: Generator Gawl
Title: A long awaited kiss
Characters: Gawl, Kanae
Warnings: shounen ai

Just a scene that's been bouncing in my head for a long time, set after the series end.

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[06 Oct 2006|07:28pm]

I've got a question...does anyone have a track list for the Generator Gawl OSTs?

I need to know what the fifth song on the first disk is...i'm gonna try to get some piano music transcribed, and the guy that does it needs the name of the song, and the anime it's from...
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Opening and Ending Lyrics [04 Oct 2006|05:05pm]

I recall browsing through the community, and noticed someone was looking for the full version of the lyrics to "I Want Out!" and "Kore O Koi To Iemashou Ka"...

I got these at Anime Lyrics, btw...

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Collapse )
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First post! I come bearing a photo! [28 Sep 2006|08:09pm]

Smits mentioned one of her friends would be cosplaying as Ryo Tanaka...well, guess what? I'm that friend!

Look behind the cut for one of the three pictures of us being silly...i still need to scan the picture i bought...

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Also...Does anyone have a full-sized screencap of the sequence that the community's icon comes from? I'm going to be doing something really cool, and i'd like a good shot of that particular image to work with.
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AWA! Wewt! [21 Sep 2006|10:29pm]

[ mood | so freaking happy ]

Hey guys!  It's been a while...

Currently, I'm at AWA and even though the con hasn't officially started yet, I'm excited.

Vic and Monica are here (Gawl and Natsume!), which is awesome.

Icing on the cake for me--Remember the picture of Ryo that I did for the AWA Program Book?

It's on Page 31!!!  *squeee*

I'll try to take a picture later and post it for you all, but I had to share.  I'm so happy.  That was my favorite pic I turned in.

At some point Saturday, I'll be cosplaying Casual!Gawl, so as soon as I'm able to post pics of that...  I've got a friend who will be cosplaying Ryo with me.  We don't have a Kouji--Our Kouji couldn't make it cos she couldn't afford it this year.  T_T

Had to share the good news.  Someone please scrape me off the ceiling--I am FAR too happy right now.  ^_^

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Obligatory intro post [03 Sep 2006|11:41pm]

Hey guys -- From what I can see, this place is not too high volume, which is good -- I can keep up with the posts! smittygirl introduced me to this comm, and I was incredibly excited. Of course, I'm the one responsible for the Generator Gawl handbag in this post.

And for the record, I do carry that thing to work. Regularly. And I get complimented on it by people who don't even know what anime is, let alone Gawl.

Anyhoo, just wanted to pop in while I had a chance to say hey. Will contribute something of value at some point.

P.S. I do commissions. You name it, I'll find a way to do it. ^.^
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Art Dump [15 Aug 2006|06:55pm]

How about some art?  Um...again.  >_>;;

Kanae & The Professor - Can't remember if I shared this one before.  If so, sorry for the double post.

A Little Snooze... 



Also....  Anyone gonna be at AWA this year?  Might be cool to say hi to some of ya's.  ^_^

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Yet another pic! [02 Aug 2006|01:10pm]

[ mood | still hungry ]

Sorry, everyone, but when I get on a roll, it's hard to stop.

Doodled this one early this morning before work.

Professor Nekasa - Smile for a Change

What can I say?  I like the old guy.  I have my reasons.  ^_~

(Full explanations and detaily crap are over on the page with the pic.  Whoop whoop.)

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AWA Program Submission - Gawl [01 Aug 2006|06:35am]

[ mood | nervous ]

This was part of my last tiny batch of submissions to AWA for their Program Book.

AWA Submission - Gawl Kudo

(I also sent in a pic of Dark and Daisuke, but hey....Wrong community.  *snerk*)

Now that part's over, I can sit back and chew on my nails till September.  (And even if I don't make it into the book--which I really don't look to--at least I'll have made an attempt.  ^_^)

Here, to make up for all the whiny panicking I've done, have a sketch of Kanae, drawn in my...whatever-you-wanna-call-it style.

Collapse )

Never fails that my characters tend to look kinda....fluffy and cute.  Um.  It happens.  >_>()

Enjoy your day!
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It's a Gawl PURSE. [29 Jul 2006|08:21pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Yes, I said PURSE.

This was actually made by therish, who has unfortunately been without Internet access for a couple of months now, so after seeing her last night, I decided I'd take pics of her little project and post them here.  Let it be known that she is utterly excited about getting this in the community.  ^_^

She got a clear vinyl purse that happened to have a slide-in pouch in the front for photos or whatnot.  Well...  She decided instead to take her favorite character poses from the end sequence of the show, then draw and color them, glue them down and put them on the front of the bag.  No computers involved this one folks--It's all crayons and cutouts!

Collapse )

Had to share it, simply cos it's so cute.  Even *I* want one and I'm not into purses at all!
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AWA Program Submission - Ryo [28 Jul 2006|12:16am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Alright, folks--I just submitted this one to the Program Book Director for Anime Weekend Atlanta.  Wish me luck!  (I'll need it.)

AWA Art Submission - Ryo Tanaka

I have an idea for one more...  Let's see if I can actually pull that one off before the deadline.

*crosses fingers and wails*

(x-posted to generatorgawl and my own LJ)

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Just a little art this time... [24 Jul 2006|12:37am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

I can't seem to get into DevArt tonight, so no links to the gallery this time.  -_-()  Hope you don't mind a bit of image-behind-cut cos that's all I've got.

Collapse )

I'll hopefully have the other pics ready to share by the end of the week.  In the meantime, I have to work on hopeful submissions for the AWA Program Book and get those in ASAP.  Wish me luck.  LOTS of it.  *panic*
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Finally, something in COLOR. [21 Jul 2006|06:55am]

I posted a couple of decent linearts a little while ago...  I finally got around to coloring them!

Breakdown: Ryo & Gawl

Ryo & Prof. Nekasa

I've got to get around to inking a few more things, plus actually *producing* some of the ideas that are still floating 'round my head.  Been putting it off, sorry.  -_-()

In better news, I finally have all the DVDs!   *rapture*  Still working on restoring screencapping abilities, though.
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Sketchdump! [15 Jul 2006|11:37am]

The fanart beast has been unleashed.  Beware.

Instead of spamming with a bunch of little posts, I thought I'd just make one with links to some of my recent art.  I just wish there was more Gawl fanart out there.  ;_;

Anyway, here you go.

Post-It art: Kanae

Post-It art: Prof. Nekasa

Breakdown: Ryo & Gawl

Ryo & Prof. Nekasa

"Post-It art" is my term for the sketches I end up doing at work while I'm on the phone.  The only thing handy to draw on is a Post-It note.

Also, I'm hoping to color those last two at *some* point, but I just haven't been able to get to them yet.  Once they are in glorious extra color, I'll make sure to share.
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[14 Jul 2006|09:20pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Does anyone have the kanji lyrics to "I Want Out?" I've scoured the internet and have had no luck. ._. Plus, it looks like the OSTs only include TV-sized ones, and they're hard to find anyway. If anyone has them and could scan them for me, I would be eternally grateful.

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